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Product Cancellation

Want to cancel your product?

Cancelling your product means you will no longer have protection that your contract provides. Third party products that are solicited by phone or direct mail often provide less protection than products sold by the dealership.

Required items to cancel your product:

  • Product contract number
  • VIN
  • Current mileage
  • Proof of loan payoff (if applicable) such as a payoff letter from your lender that includes your VIN.

Any questions, please contact us.

Cancellation Documents

Please find, fill out, and download your appropriate cancellation document. You'll attach to the form at the bottom of the page during step 4 when submitting.



We're sorry to see you go! Click the checkboxes on the following terms to submit your cancellation request: If there is an open lien on the vehicle, the refund will be paid to the Original Lienholder. This may not reduce your monthly payment. If the vehicle has been paid off, lender documentation will be required prior to submission and a prorated refund check will be written to the contract holder with the exception of GAP. All GAP cancellations are subject to refund to the lender, even if the vehicle has been paid off.

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