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All-New 2025 QX80

Experience the All-New QX80

The pinnacle of luxury SUVs, blending advanced biometric
comfort technology with elegant design and unparalleled
performance for an extraordinary driving experience.

The All-New 2025 QX80 at Herrin-Gear in Jackson MS

Crafted to dazzle and engineered for the future, the all-new 2025 INFINITI QX80 emerges as a sanctuary on wheels for those who demand boundless luxury. Its design and features resonate with the spirit of Mississippi, from the historic streets of Vicksburg to the natural splendor around Monroe, embodying INFINITI's dedication to luxury, comfort, and innovation.

2025 QX80 Steering Column
Dash Design and Monolith Screens

Dash Design and Monolith Screens

  • Two technologically advanced, thoughtfully integrated high-definition screens that truly live up to the designation of “Monolith.”
  • Dual 14.3” high-definition Monolith screens
  • Next generation INFINITI InTouch® with new and advanced features
  • Standard with Google built-in, Apple CarPlay®, and Android Auto™

Kabuki-inspired Lighting Design

Inspired by the traditional Japanese theater of Kabuki, known for its stylized drama and elaborate aesthetics, the QX80's interior lighting design introduces a sense of drama and intimacy into the cabin, reminiscent of the art form's impact on audiences. This unique lighting concept is not only a nod to the cultural depth and emotional engagement found in Kabuki but also reflects the rich history and scenic beauty of Mississippi.

As the lighting casts shadows and highlights across the luxurious materials and sophisticated design elements of the interior, it creates an ambiance that mirrors the dramatic landscapes and historical depth of Mississippi. This design philosophy ensures that every journey in the QX80, whether it's along the historic streets of Vicksburg, through the scenic routes near Monroe, or close to the vibrant heart of Jackson, Mississippi, is imbued with a sense of theatrical wonder, elevating the driving experience to an art form that captivates the senses and celebrates the state's heritage.

  • Bold 64-color design palette
  • Entirely customizable interior lighting
  • A first within the INFINITI SUV range
interior lighting
Biometric Cooling

Biometric Cooling

The 2025 INFINITI QX80 represents a groundbreaking advancement in passenger comfort and climate control, blending smart technology with unrivaled luxury. This leap forward is epitomized by its segment-first feature that utilizes biometric passenger data to refine the interior environment, seamlessly integrated with the QX80's sophisticated Tri-Zone Climate Control System. This innovative approach ensures that the cabin temperature is not merely adjusted for comfort but is precisely tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each occupant.

Whether journeying through the vibrant streets of Florence, exploring the historic charm of Clinton, or enjoying the scenic beauty around Madison and Raymond, the QX80 offers a personalized climate experience that enhances every trip. This focus on individual comfort, combined with the vehicle's commitment to luxury and innovation, makes the QX80 a perfect companion for discerning drivers and passengers in Mississippi, providing an oasis of personalized comfort on every journey, from the quiet roads of Cleary to the bustling streets of Pocahontas.

Space and Comfort

With space, comfort, and convenience at
the forefront, every seat in QX80 is the
best seat in the house.

Available quilted semi-aniline
leather-appointed seating

Up to 101 cu ft of cargo space

Available open-pore wood trim with
a metal inlay inspired by the koto – a
traditional Japanese string

Invisible Hood View and Front Wide View

The 2025 INFINITI QX80 elevates the driving experience with its innovative Invisible Hood View and Front Wide View features, instilling a luxury of confidence in every maneuver. The Invisible Hood View is a marvel of technology, allowing drivers to see the SUV's front wheels through its hood. This feature is invaluable for precision driving and effortless parking, ensuring that even the tightest spaces in bustling areas of Florence, Clinton, or the historic lanes of Vicksburg are navigated with ease.

On the other hand, the Front Wide View provides an expansive near-180° forward perspective, making blind corners and challenging intersections in places like Monroe, Madison, and Raymond manageable with unparalleled confidence. These pioneering technologies reinforce the QX80’s status as not just a vehicle of luxury, but also a beacon of safety and innovation, making every journey through Mississippi’s diverse landscapes and cityscapes a testament to INFINITI’s commitment to excellence in luxury travel.

Invisible Hood View and Front Wide View

All-New 2025 QX80

Trims and Pricing

Access Roll-up Covers
  • 3.5L V6 turbocharged engine producing 450 hp and 515 lb ft of torque
  • Dual 14.3” Monolith infotainment screens standard with Google built-in5,6
  • Advanced INFINITI InTouch services with in-vehicle data and Wi-Fi5,7
  • 14-speaker Klipsch® Premium Audio sound system8
  • Innovative Invisible Hood View, Front Wide View, and Predictive Forward Collision Warning safety technologies9,10,11
Weather Tech

Includes all QX80 PURE standard features plus:

  • Electronic Air Suspension with Dynamic Digital Suspension technology12
  • 22-inch machine-finished aluminum alloy wheels
  • Climate-controlled leather-appointed first- and second-row seating
  • Head-Up Display technology13
  • Power slide and recline second-row seating
Bak Industries

Includes all QX80 LUXE standard features plus:

  • 24-speaker Klipsch® Reference Premiere sound system with Individual Audio technology8
  • Tri-Zone Advanced Climate Control System with Biometric Cooling technology14
  • Semi-aniline leather-appointed first- and second-row seating with massaging front seats
  • Dramatic Light Path welcoming feature and 64-color Personalized Ambient Lighting14
  • Frameless Smart Rear View Mirror16
BW Trailer Hitches

Includes all QX80 SENSORY standard features plus:

  • ProPILOT Assist 2.0 driver assist technology17
  • Unique 22-inch machine-finished aluminum alloy wheels and two-tone exterior design
  • Second-row captain’s chairs with massage technology and rear control panel
  • Quilted semi-aniline leather-appointed seating across all three rows
  • In-Car Camera technology18

Individual Audio

QX80’s available Klipsch® Reference Premiere Audio
System features segment-first Individual Audio technology,
helping you hear what matters without missing a beat for
your passengers.

Enjoy individualized sound zones

Speakers built into front-row headrests

Take a call or follow navigation
– even while passengers listen to

Electronic Air Suspension

A first for an INFINITI vehicle, QX80’s available Electronic
Air Suspension offers a more responsive, personalized
vehicle experience.

QX80 lowers itself for easy interior
and cargo access

Ride is plush, yet refined for smooth
and responsive handling

Increased ground clearance
available as necessary

Lighting Design

QX80’s bold digital piano key lighting is designed to make
an impression, artfully alluding to a sense of motion.

Digital piano key lighting eschews
simple linear lighting for rhythmic

Available INFINITI Light Path
creates omotenashi: a specifically
mindful hospitality

Experience the All-New QX80

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